Stamp 1-1-15 The Beginning of Noticing

Its the first day of the new year!  ( My husband says I am the best at pointing out the obvious)

So I went for a run to bring in the new year with energy.  I tried to be mindful of the patterns I was passing.  I noticed a vine crawling up the tree, berries on a holly bush, some sort of weird red orange berry with yellowish caps.  It must be poisonous because even the birds are not eating it.  I got lost in my own mind for a while and then opened my eyes to see a crack in the side walk that made me think of memories and why do we choose to remember events.  Its not like I go into  a moment saying “I want to remember this for the rest of my life”, but sometimes things just stick with me and they are not all that significant. Like the time I smashed my thumb with a hammer and called my fried Blaine because I knew he would understand just how badly it hurt, because he had just done it a week or so before.  Why do I carry that memory with me.  Whats so stellar about it?  I have smashed my thumb plenty since then but they don’t stand out.

Any way, I digress.  When I finished my run I came back and spent some time sketching out patterns I saw or thought of.  Sketching is the 1st part of creating a stamp.   I started out with an explanation point because hay its the 1st day of the new year!!! Its going to be great! Below are the sketches I came up with and I am particularly drawn to the tear drop shape.  I connected it together in several different ways and think that will be one of the 1st stamps I create.  I think it will not stand alone and may need an additional stamp to help ground it into a pattern.  As this progresses I will try to take more pictures of the little things I notice and tie them into the stamps I make.  My hope is that readers will be able to see some small connection between the finished stamp and the inspiration behind it.  Cheers on a beautiful sunshiny day in Asheville NC, oh and if I didn’t already mention it…. Its the 1st day of the new year!  Happy New Year!

Stamp 1-1-15

20150102_190353 The finished stamp


sketches for the 1st stamp


Detail of the sketch I want to turn into a stamp

Slow Down!!

As we were kids time passed slowly at least it seemed to.  As adults all it does is speed up!  My theory on this is that as adults we have already seen it and don’t need to take the time to notice it again.  As kids it was all brand new and interesting, we would stop to smell the flowers and wonder at the grasshopper, now we have smelled that flower and know how the grasshopper moves and don’t need to do it again…..  Time passes faster and faster and never seems to slow down.  This year I am attempting to slow it down.  This year each week I am going to design a new stamp or pattern.  I will also make a special vase that is unique, just for the pattern.  At the end of each month I will have 4 new vases and 4 new patterns.  Each vase will be stamped with the week and year and the stamp(s) that have been used to create it will not be used again.

My idea is that at the end of the year I will have 52 new vases with unique patterns that will be available for purchase.  The pattern will be sold with the vase and the person who then owns the pattern can have additional pieces made with it, otherwise it will not be used again.

I am looking forward to this challenge!  No matter what a new pattern will be developed each week.  As I make the patterns I will update the blog with photos as well as the finished pieces as they are done.  I am looking forward to where this will take me in terms of form as well as stretching the boundaries of my designs.   They will be available for sale starting in January 2016!  As the year unfolds people are welcome to reserve them ahead of time.