Stamp 1-5-15

I spent some time looking through some old graphic design books, did some sketches from them and ended up with this:

The beginning sketches

The beginning sketches

Selecting the sketch.  I chose #5

Selecting the sketch. I chose #5

Without further adieu.  The finished stamp!

Without further adieu. The finished stamp!

Stamp- 1-2-15

So I have been going on regular runs this year and trying to observe small things along the run that will help me stop and slow down a bit.  Today I came across these cool memories from childhood.  I snapped a couple of pictures so I can make a stamp from them. Below is the process:

As a child, these would fall and we would call them "helicopter wings" laughing and chasing after them

As a child, these would fall and we would call them “helicopter wings” laughing and chasing after them.

1st I made some sketches...

1st I made some sketches…

Than I cut off a lump of clay...

Than I cut off a lump of clay…

20150105_163035 20150105_164531 20150105_165135

Refined the edges and removed some clay

and ended up with this

and ended up with this…

Stamp 1-1-15 The Beginning of Noticing

Its the first day of the new year!  ( My husband says I am the best at pointing out the obvious)

So I went for a run to bring in the new year with energy.  I tried to be mindful of the patterns I was passing.  I noticed a vine crawling up the tree, berries on a holly bush, some sort of weird red orange berry with yellowish caps.  It must be poisonous because even the birds are not eating it.  I got lost in my own mind for a while and then opened my eyes to see a crack in the side walk that made me think of memories and why do we choose to remember events.  Its not like I go into  a moment saying “I want to remember this for the rest of my life”, but sometimes things just stick with me and they are not all that significant. Like the time I smashed my thumb with a hammer and called my fried Blaine because I knew he would understand just how badly it hurt, because he had just done it a week or so before.  Why do I carry that memory with me.  Whats so stellar about it?  I have smashed my thumb plenty since then but they don’t stand out.

Any way, I digress.  When I finished my run I came back and spent some time sketching out patterns I saw or thought of.  Sketching is the 1st part of creating a stamp.   I started out with an explanation point because hay its the 1st day of the new year!!! Its going to be great! Below are the sketches I came up with and I am particularly drawn to the tear drop shape.  I connected it together in several different ways and think that will be one of the 1st stamps I create.  I think it will not stand alone and may need an additional stamp to help ground it into a pattern.  As this progresses I will try to take more pictures of the little things I notice and tie them into the stamps I make.  My hope is that readers will be able to see some small connection between the finished stamp and the inspiration behind it.  Cheers on a beautiful sunshiny day in Asheville NC, oh and if I didn’t already mention it…. Its the 1st day of the new year!  Happy New Year!

Stamp 1-1-15

20150102_190353 The finished stamp


sketches for the 1st stamp


Detail of the sketch I want to turn into a stamp